Monday, 19 March 2012

Compatible Systems

We all have friends, even the people who you think don’t, do. Luckily in this world everyone is likeable by someone. Yes even satan himself has mates, word has it Simon Cowell is actually popular. But how do you know that you like people?
Well back in the day, amongst blokes one way of confirming that you were indeed on the way to a flourishing “we must go for a pint” relationship was to go through your new friends LP’s. This consisted of four stages:
  1. Browsing,
  2. Picking,
  3. Listening,
  4. Discussing.

If after these stages you managed to come to a common consensus, you pretty much were friends for life. Barring any shagging of each others girlfriends or wives, you need to share experiences for this taboo to be deemed ok. A common love of Bowie and your best mates wife never appeared to cut it.
With the advancement of tech, the LP technique has been replaced by the iTunes library. Something less elegant about making friends clicking through dodgy album art instead of the glory that is a gatefold LP. But the iTunes library gives you something extra, that is if you have an iPhone. Your iTunes library contains Apps.

Look at the apps on that!

Your Apps will give potential friends (hell even lovers) insights into you as a person much more than your music collection. One swift swipe through your home screen tells anyone all they need to know. For example:
BBC News, Sky News, Independent: News apps, doesn’t one do?
Angry Birds Free: Heard all the fuss but not sure.. savvy.
Common app ground could save you a lot of time in love and friendship. So guys stop trying to find a way to her heart. Find a way to her handbag... no wait.. thats an offence right. 

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